Hard Things To Do, Now That You Are Sober

Vanessa has taught me to write when I prefer or have the urge to write. When I wrote this, I  hadn’t slept since the day before. Liiterally on no sleep. I had a belly ache and my body decided to not let me rest.

So since 11:00 pm I had been laying down in my bed flooded with memories. It dawned on me that I excluded a specific person of my life from my book. My memories were flooded for hours of the time we spent together.

So, I will tell you a story. It may be true or it may be just a tall tale. But, for my readers that truly know me, they will be able to solve the mystery.

One day there was a fragile young woman who had two kids. She decided to divorce her terrible drug addicted husband and make a life of her own. 

Although at the time, she didn’t know what to do with her life, she however, began to live. Her father had just passed and she was very lost. Her friend introduced her to her boss. At the time, the young woman was 25 and her boss was 57. He had a good talk. The fragile woman was intrigued by his charm. She thought , ‘Well damn, that was easy, I found a job!’ The boss however, would not hire her. He already had her friend. She was his assistant and literally was at his beck and call. She was a little upset that he wouldn’t offer her a job. They became friends. He would take her to lunch and sometimes when his wife was in another town, he would take her to dinner. The fragile woman never revealed that she had kids. She never mentioned anything about her life, only that she was going through a bad divorce and that her father had just died. 

His father died very young like hers. She thought this guy was a gentleman. The occasional bullshit talk/lunch or dinner consisted of his young 21 year old girlfriend in Florida and Baton Rouge. The gentleman would give her 400 a week to help her out. He felt bad for her I guess. 

After exiting out of a program so her arrest would vanish she became sober. So sober that she couldn’t even lay in the bed with the gentleman. This guy was no gentleman. This man went to church with his said wife and never missed weekly mass. This gentleman spent thousands of dollars on young women. He gave them cars, shoes, purses, and anything they wished for. The poor girl never got the luxuries of the other young women. She was constantly being used, told when to call, and how to act around certain people. The poor woman became a victim again. I am not sure if she felt this old man replaced her father or she knew what she was doing? I still to this day don’t know. What did he have over her? Absolutely nothing. The wife supposedly knew about all the other young women. He would say she never would give him sex and that she was ok with him sleeping with other women. 

Years passed, the young women finally found a real gentleman and ended the five year kick she had with the gentleman. When her fiancé asked her to be monogamous she called the old gentleman in front of her new fiancé and explained that she could no longer engage in their relationship. 

She said it was very hard to do that now that she was sober. The fragile woman got married and the newly wed couple was expecting a baby.