Last night, I sat in bed and wondered what will I create in the Fall.  I asked myself, “What do I NOT want to do?  


Honestly, I feel we do things that are not working for ourselves.  I know I do things because, the same behavior I create serves some purpose or generates some value to me.  If I did not do it, it would ultimately not serve a purpose.


I figured out last night, that the behavior I am choosing is paying off in some sort of way for myself.  Our behaviors lead to a familiar sense of good and bad.  The behavior is an end result.  This behavior will either align or not align in our lives. The hard part of figuring out what behavior we choose is having a clear conscious or awareness of it being light or heavy.  


Example: My first book created a pathway for me to begin healing from my past traumas and helping others who could not create a pathway for themselves.  My second book created quick and easy recipes for anyone looking to make a quick meal.  They both generated a purpose in my life.  


I sat and wrote down the behaviors that were paying off in my life and the ones that were not producing an end result.  Can you sit down today and write down a list of the behaviors you are choosing and see what is working and what is not?


Today, I challenge you to look at your list and eliminate the behaviors that are keeping you from getting the result that you want.  


Sometimes it’s hard to look at what we are doing intellectually that is not serving us and not aligning of what we don’t want to do.  We all choose our own behaviors! But we need to look at the behaviors that are paying off in our current lives and choose just that!


Consider this list below and ask the question to the choices you are choosing and see if they are getting these results:




       No anxiety







If you go thru the list and you realize that said behavior is not aligned with the above list, maybe you should rethink that behavior as it is not serving an end result in your life. When we sit down and consciously think thru our behaviors, we than may come align in what we truly want in our lives.  We all can control our behaviors, but it is a choice to choose detachment from the ones that are not serving a long-term result.  It’s simple cause and effect.  


I challenge you today to start choosing for yourself and the rid of the behaviors that are not generating a positive outlook in your life.  Start choosing those behaviors that get you what you want in life.  If it is simply you want to enjoy nature, well start choosing the things that place you in that environment. Your mindset is everything and we attract what we want.  Stop attracting negative shit and maybe you will start receiving the possibilities of POSITIVTY!