Mindset is everything!

Last Saturday, I treated myself to a reflexology massage with a girlfriend. There are so many benefits of reflexology. Reflexology is a particular type of massage that applies pressure on certain points to your feet, hands, and ears. Chinese medicine believes that these particular points on connected with organs and your body systems.

While there are different techniques such as acupuncture, deep tissue massage, and reiki, I believe that reflexology can calm your central nervous system while promoting management of stress.

When I went in my shoulders, neck, and head were super tense. After leaving, I was so loose and relaxed from the technique used on me. I was not able to communicate with my reflexologist but, he suggested I come back again this week. I think he could feel the stress throughout my entire body while working on me. I am hoping that my next visit will help the flow of positive energy through my body.

My suggestion to my readers is that if we desire to change the mindsets of ourselves, ask yourself if you need a day of self care to reset your mind. If so, I highly suggest finding a reflexologist near you and treat your self to an hour of resetting your central nervous system, and your mind.