Don’t Fall For the Negative Voices

No matter what your environment is, your genetics do not change. You can change however, the way you talk to yourself.  

You can change the way you view your life and you can change for the better. It’s all a choice! 

I talk about this in my book, the random and mean verbiage we use towards ourselves.  THEY ARE ALL LIES!

Somewhere in our lives someone decided to be a complete douche and hurt you. A long time ago, I was in therapy. The therapist told me, “Jillian, have you ever thought that they thought to be the NOT ME’s?”  Huh? I asked.  Not ME’s…what is a not me? 

Not me:  Exactly what I said, NOT ME!  Meaning, it’s not your shit. We should not base our decisions on someone else’s point of view.  We should control ourselves and take a deep breath and ask the question: What do I choose in this moment? By slowing down your breathing you take the time to feel the energy if it’s right or it’s wrong. I believe that by taking ten seconds we slow down our nervous system and are better able to make more rational decisions.  

People have such a hard time letting go of things that are not even their own reality.  I know I had a very difficult time in the past letting go of the issues that were not mine. I would be stuck in my head wondering how I would fix this and fix that. 

I spent so much time controlling situations and I had to train myself to let go of control. By doing this I allowed whatever to show up to show up and identify like, hey ok cool this is not my energy, no thank you and not even having a judgement about the situation. 

So, last week those negative thoughts, those “NOT ME’s” came creeping in. Jillian you are not a good writer. Your book is not going to sell. You are not good enough like everyone else.  These were the negative voices trying to mess with me.  I had to self-talk myself out of this crazy, mean talk I was telling myself.  I went outside when I was in Colorado sat down and started to thank everything around me. I asked myself, “Jillian, what if right now you could get over ever understanding anything about this world and start making this world work for you? Jillian, what would it be like to start using your damn awareness to get everything you desire?”  By stopping my mad thoughts and being aware of the magnificent being I am.  I took another deep breath and was like WOW! Jillian look what you just created! I still get the chills saying it! 

I was that single mom struggling at one point in my life searching for MY life!  I found it! I created it and I am not going to STOP! I matter! I am brave! I am strong! I am passionate! I am a child of GOD! I decided to create something greater than controlling others and controlling my own life.  I tried so hard my entire life to mend the holes in my body and environment so I would not fall apart.  It was a mission impossible and I landed in a land far away so disconnected from the magnificent being God created me to be.  I taught myself that things are super difficult and guess what, it’s not my job to categorize, judge, and I started to acknowledge that if doesn’t work I can walk away.  Freedom of choice.

Are you willing to create a life of ease and joy?  Are you willing to show the world how grateful you are to be apart of it?  Are you willing to Love yourself?  If so, right this second stop what you are doing close your eyes and think of the wonderful gifts around you. Thank them and everything.  

I did it, so can you! Don’t let the negative voices and the Not ME’s create your reality.  

We are all infinite beings and I prefer to be an asset trying to change this world for the better so my babies never have to face the hard realities of consequences I created once in my life.  Acknowledging positive talk is ultimately the biggest step and tool I use on a daily basis.  Our brains are so powerful that we can actually heal things that are broken within it. It takes time and you must be patient and willing to do the work.

My next book or one of them will be about the Not Me’s to help little kids understand that the negative voices do not even belong to them.  One of the greatest gifts I tell my children is to Love themselves and to recognize and check their environment to be able to discern that hey, guess what? Those are NOT ME! 

Are you willing to recreate and train your brain to recognize the beautiful being you are?  Well, start today!