Check in on yourself!

I know if you are like me right now, you are more heightened lately to stay healthy.  What does healthy look like?

I know last month I took a look around me and noticed I needed to change things in my environment.  I needed to get outside and set a routine for my health.  Yes, I am constantly creating and pushing forward in my life. But, I was not set in creating a routine for my health.  Ever since I was four years old, I was that kid who was outside riding my bike, exploring, and taking that adventurous hike.  As I got older, I was the TOM BOY, who was very active in sports.  We all have different influences we enjoy and as humans we need to maintain that love we have for whatever it is that makes our heart beat.

I enjoy cooking.  Cooking makes me happy. I love serving others. Serving others makes me happy.  I love walking on the trails.  Hiking makes my mind and body healthy.  I love searching for different insects.  Insects and researching with my six-year-old make me happy.  Being happy doesn’t have to look a certain way.  But, the dopamine, that our brain gives off when we are happy creates a healthy chemical in our bodies.  This will help with our emotions, confidence, and erase those not so good feelings we get when we are in our heads.

Life isn’t easy but, it’s our jobs and not others to create a path for happiness.  If we relied on our family or friends to make ourselves happy we would then be creating a lack of pursuit of our own happiness.

Do you think you could sit with yourself and evaluate your inner self?  Ask those important questions what you could do or change to make your life happier or healthy?  We are all worth taking the time to find our inner happiness because we all matter.

If no one told you today how awesome you are and that you are doing the best you can… I am here to tell you, “You matter and you are doing the best you can at this moment!”