Food For Thought

Every morning we have a system that we use. It has been working since the little one began school in Austin. 

My husband brings him to school. This allows him to spend quality time with him and helps them build their relationship. I think all boys need with their father.  Yesterday, I could hear the little one crying.  I arose and my husband seemed quit angry that he was crying and referenced that he only was choosing sadness because he wanted me to wake up. 

I guess being a mom, we have this super hero power that we can identify a fake cry from  the real cry.  This seemingly, was a heart felt cry. 

I asked my little one to look into my eyes and to take a large deep breath.  He did. We did it several times until he stopped crying.  “Lonnie what is causing you to cry, love?”  I asked.  “Momma I have a concert today and I am not going to have anyone there and I am really sad.”  Hmmmm…. I couldn’t recall seeing an email from the teacher and I check everyday religiously what is in his folder.  I looked at him and said, “Lonnie, daddy will ask your teacher when he drops you off at school when the concert is and mommy and sister will be there! I promise!” 

He smiled and gave me a huge hug.  My husband thought he was lying but, come to find out he did have a concert.  The teacher shared with him that we should read the newsletter and we would know when these types of events were happening. I was disappointed with that answer.  I remember being a catholic school teacher and always sending home notes when events were happening because I knew how important and how hard the children worked on something and if their parents could be there, I sure as hell was letting them know. 

I didn’t say anything to the teacher, went to all of my appointments, and showed up for Little Lonnie.  So did Gabby, his big sister, and his dad.  He was beaming with happiness. 

How many times do we ignore our children and not identify with them when they are screaming for help?  How many times do we not make their relevance part of our day?  I know I do this a lot but, I make a conscious effort to be available to meet the needs of each and every one of my children. 

All of my kids are different!

At times the eldest may need an ear while the other one may just need my presence. 

Try today to be aware of what they require.  I know within a blink of an eye they will be grown and will not require all the assistance they need today.  I know I miss Gabby being Lonnie’s age and the toddler innocence she had and doesn’t possess.  Try to be more compassionate even if we are struggling that day.  Be in the question with these types of energies around you. 

You will become a master of your children and be the conscious parent they need.  I know my child’s happiness makes my world go around when they choose to be happy.  His cry was a fear of being alone and abandoned and I have felt that many times in my life.  I think it’s important we look within and identify with our children so they feel safe. I always ask the question: what is light here?  My gut will tell me and I will be able to trust myself to make a conscious choice to assist my kids.  Food for thought today.