Cheaters and The Universe Knocking At Your Door

Cheaters… I really do not like them.  Have you ever been cheated on?  I have and it’s the worst feeling in the world.  Deceiving someone is a crappy thing and I think you are a crappy person if you knowing did this to someone you love.  

Lonnie thinks I am crazy but, I honestly would jump ship and say my goodbyes if I truly wanted out of whatever.  For some they stay and sabotage themselves telling the same story over and over.  I am that friend and survivor who asks, what they would choose -because obviously they have a choice.  It stops them from freaking out. 

A friend back at home did this to me and it really helped.  Like I write in my book, sometimes we think that anger is a “bad” feeling.  It isn’t.  Anger is a natural defense that kicks in to protect us from people who are hurting us or crossing personal boundary.  Damn right you better believe me I will straight up tell you, “Girl he crossed your personal boundary! Why are you crying over this cheater who is still messing with your head!”Dude like I am sorry if that sounded rough but, I will not allow someone or anything to take me down. I have the power within myself to move forward. I think we second guess ourselves based on past experiences that have happened and we freeze up thinking that this is it.  

Maybe the universe is knocking at your door and is shutting this one so everything you have been asking for will come to fruition.